divulgacao_lilacs_enBIREME campaign promotes the participation of the LILACS Network in the CRICS10!

BIREME launches a campaign for the LILACS Network and offers free registration fees for the 10th Regional Congress of Information and Health Sciences – CRICS 10, in recognition of the contributions to the LILACS database.

BIREME will reward members of the Network and institutions (known as the Network’s Cooperating Centers) by exonerating the registration fee and will recognize them by issuing a certificate for dedication and cooperative work. It is important to note that this is not a lottery, it is a prize!

What each participant have do to receive free registration for CRICS10?

Each group of 80 new LILACS records with description and indexing, or 100 LILACS-Express Records revised and indexed receives 1 (one) registration for CRICS10

Each group of 120 “LILACS-Express” status records created with link or full text load for each article carried out by editors of journals indexed on the LILACS database receives 1 (one) registration for CRICS10.

The prize can be cumulative for the same Cooperating Center and there is no registration limit. For example, if the cooperating center librarian creates 160 complete LILACS records, he or she will be entitled to 2 (two) free registrations for CRICS10.

The prize exclusivelly applies to the free registration for CRICS10  and do not include travel or hotel expenses.

Which contribution of the Network will be considered?

Only finalized LILACS records which have received a “published” status in the FI-Admin system between July 1 and October 31, 2018 will be considered. In addition to new LILACS records of any type of document accepted in the LILACS selection criteria, records with LILACS-Express status, theses, monographs, non-conventional documents in the health field, master’s dissertations in the field of Public Health and Nursing, and articles from journals indexed in LILACS will be taken into account. New records must have a complete bibliographic description and thematic indexing. The LILACS- Express records must have a reviewed bibliographic description and thematic indexing. New records with “LILACS-Express” status created by the journal editors must have bibliographic description and the link or upload to the full-text of each article.

Who can participate in this Campaign?

Any information professional from Latin America or the Caribbean, registered as a cooperator in the FI-ADMIN System and trained for bibliographic description and/or indexing of LILACS documents, according to the LILACS Methodology, regardless of being linked or not to a LILACS Cooperating Center.

Information professionals who are not linked to a Cooperating Center may request their registration in the FI-Admin system as independent collaborators, but it is essential for them to be trained in the LILACS Methodology.

How will registrations for CRICS10 take place?

Participants indicated by the Cooperating Centers and/or independent participants will be authorized to register for CRICS10 within a week of having entered 80 new records or 100 reviewed and indexed records in the LILACS database.

The participant indicated by the Cooperating center may register on the CRICS10 website until November 20, 2018.

Once registered, it will NOT be possible to cancel or transfer the registration to another participant.


Complete the form for the LILACS-CRICS10 Campaign now.

Regulation: Campaign-participation-LILACS-Network-CRICS10

Inscription form: https://goo.gl/forms/v96eh3z00wUZn6yG3

When and where will CRICS10 take place?

CRICS10, the most important event in the area of health information in Latin America and the Caribbean, will be held in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, from December 4 to 6, 2018. The theme for this year’s edition is “Advancing towards the 2030 Agenda: Contributions of Evidence and Knowledge”. More information on http://www.crics10.org/en