Result of the LILACS Network Recognition Program – participation in CRICS10

The LILACS Network Recognition Program has awarded the Cooperating Centers (CC) that contributed with LILACS in the period from July 1st, 2018 until October 31st, 2018 with free registrations to participate in CRICS10 and in satellite events (VHL7 , Meeting of Scientific Editors and Meeting of the RedDes).

64 CCs from 9 countries with 111 free registrations were awarded: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Honduras and Uruguay.

BIREME thanks the dedication of the CCs and editors for the important contribution with LILACS for the more than 4 thousand complete new records, more than 2 thousand records with LILACS-Express status and more than 6 thousand records with indexed LILACS-Express status.

The objective of the program was to stimulate and reward the work carried out by the LILACS network and to encourage its participation in CRICS10 with free registration in these events and we believe that the objective was fully achieved.

Following the list of CC contemplated:

Country Cooperanting Center  Registration earned
Argentina AR144.1 2
Argentina AR24.10 1
Argentina AR29.1 1
Argentina AR3.1 1
Argentina AR305.1 2
Argentina AR338.1 3
Bolivia BO6.1 1
Brazil BR1194.1 2
Brazil BR12.1 1
Brazil BR1208.1 2
Brazil BR1249.1 1
Brazil BR1264.1 2
Brazil BR1292.2 1
Brazil BR1323.1 3
Brazil BR1342.1 2
Brazil BR1366.1 1
Brazil BR15.1 1
Brazil BR1552.1 1
Brazil BR1561.1 1
Brazil BR1600.9 1
Brazil BR1751.1 1
Brazil BR1822.9 1
Brazil BR1883.9 2
Brazil BR1896.1 1
Brazil BR195.3 1
Brazil BR21.2 2
Brazil BR26.1 2
Brazil BR27.1 1
Brazil BR275.1 2
Brazil BR28.1 1
Brazil BR33.1 1
Brazil BR396.1 1
Brazil BR396.4 6
Brazil BR40.1 1
Brazil BR408.4 1
Brazil BR433.1 1
Brazil BR44.1 1
Brazil BR442.1 1
Brazil BR501.1 2
Brazil BR513.1 3
Brazil BR574.2 1
Brazil BR584.1 1
Brazil BR599.1 1
Brazil BR6.1 1
Brazil BR654.1 2
Brazil BR67.1 1
Brazil BR68.1 3
Brazil BR816.9 1
Brazil BR840 1
Brazil BR926.1 2
Brazil BR97.1 1
Chile CL1.1 4
Colombia CO102 1
Colombia CO102.1 1
Colombia CO119 1
Colombia CO214.1 1
Colombia CO304.1 1
Colombia CO369.9 1
Colombia CO648.1 2
Costa Rica CR1.1 1
Cuba CU1.1 5
Cuba CU420.1 1
Honduras HN1.1 1
Uruguay UY2.5 14
Total = 111

Within one week the vouchers will be sent to all prize winners (until 11/19/18).

Contact LILACS if there are any doubts.