Is LILACS important to your story? Share your testimony with us!

Over the years we have had several health professionals and researchers who nowadays hold various management positions in research, public health and health care institutions, talk about how LILACS was key for their research and professional training. 

Did you identify yourself? Then, please, share this story with us to make it part of LILACS’s story too! 

Record a video with your phone in the horizontal position (landscape mode) telling us about the importance of LILACS for you and send it to us through the form below:  

Every contribution is welcome! We would be happy to rebuild the timeline from who was responsible for LILACS and IMLA with everyone’s participation! In a nutshell, to tell the story and save all that memory!  


Script for recording your testimony:  


  1. Identify yourself (name and position – current or former)
  2. Congratulate LILACS on its 35thanniversary
  3. Talk about LILACS’ mission and importance
  4. Talk about the advances, difficulties and challenges faced and yet to come
  5. Talk about your experience working with LILACS. 

Technical guidelines:  

  1. Use the cell phone to record the testimonial
  2. Record horizontally (landscape format)
  3. Search for a quiet and bright place (record facing a window during the day)
  4. If possible, place the phone in a holder and record with the phone’s rear camera
  5. Have a script about what you will speak (use the content script to plan what will speak)
  6. Record short videos (up to 3 minutes) – if necessary, record more than one with separate contents
  7. Record in your native language
  8. Submit the video via the above form

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