LILACS – Literatura Latino-Americana e do Caribe em Ciências da Saúde – Informação e evidência científica e técnica em saúde da América Latina e Caribe – BIREME/OPAS/OMS – LILACS – Información y evidencia científica y técnica en salud de América Latina y el Caribe | LILACS – Scientífic and technic information and evidence of Latin-american and Caribbean Countries Um bem público regional de informação científica Un bien público regional de información científica A regional public good on scientific information

How do you search in LILACS database?

Searching with words

The LILACS database is integrated into the search interface of the VHL Regional Portal as seen in the figure to the side.

Some important and basic instructions to ensure that you are looking in the LILACS database and that you are doing it properly:

  • Always check if the database chosen is LILACS.
  • The simple search will always search the "title, abstract and subject" fields.
  • Include only meaningful words in the search. Items, prepositions and other particles should be excluded.
    Example "Heat stress in Primary Health Care: a clinical review", include heat stress primary health care clinical review and the record of this document will already be found. As it is a specific title, if you include only stress heat primary health care you will already identify this record.
  • Word accentuation is not necessary and capital letters are not considered.
    Composite or exact concepts must be made with quotes.
    Example: "Healthcare Financing" dá igual a "healthcare financing " if between quotes
how to search on lilacs database

Searching on specific fields

To perform a specific search for a LILACS field, type the codes of the fields you want to use:

  • ti: title words - example ti: stress heat primary health care
  • ta: abbreviated title of the magazine - example ta: "Braz. dent. sci"
    To know the abbreviated title of the journal, you must search the Portal of scientific journals of the VHL.
  • mh: document subject descriptors - example mh: "Healthcare Financing"
    The search result was 1,163 records.
  • mj: primary descriptors of this document - example mj: "Healthcare Financing"
    The search result was 866 records.
Búsqueda en LILACS por campos específicos

More about search strategy

For more information about searching in LILACS, use the search material on the VHL Regional Portal!

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