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Journals indexed in LILACS database in 2021

21 de December de 2021

The journal articles indexed in LILACS correspond to more than 800 thousand publications registered in the database, which corresponds to 84% of all the contribution received from the Network of Cooperating Centers of LILACS.

There are 910 journals currently indexed from 21 countries and the inclusion in the collection is carried out under the leadership of the LILACS Coordinating Center, which carries out the process of evaluation and selection of journals at the national or regional level, with the support of the Comittee for the Evaluation and Selection of LILACS Journals of the country or subject area.

Below is the list of journals that were evaluated according to the LILACS criteria, selected and indexed in 2021:





  1. Psocial (Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires) - ISSN: 2422-619X
  2. Revista Argentina de Cardiología Intervencionista - ISSN: 2250-7531


  1. Con-ciencia (La Paz) - ISSN: 2310-0265
  2. Current opinion nursing & research (En línea) - ISSN: 2707-4684
  3. Investigación psicológica (La Paz. En línea) - ISSN: 2518-4016
  4. Vive Revista de Salud - ISSN: 2664-3243



  1.  Conexões (Campinas, Online) - ISSN: 1983-9030
  2. Relatos Casos Cir - ISSN: 2527-2039
  3. Revista Ciências em Saúde*
  4. Revista Família, Ciclos de Vida e Saúde no Contexto Social*
  5. Revista Segurança Alimentar e Nutricional*

* Approved with restriction - inclusion after the implementation of the Committee's recommendations.



  1. Salud y bienestar colectivo - ISSN: 0719-8736



  1. Areté - ISSN: 2463-2252
  2. Avances en Psicología Latinoamericana - ISSN: 1794-4724
  3. Revista iberoamericana de psicología (En línea) - ISSN: 2500-6517



  1. Rev. de la Fed. Ecuat. de Soc. de Radiol - ISSN: 2477-8923

* Journal previously indexed in LILACS.


  1. Medicina clínica y social 2521-2281