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Profile survey of journals indexed in LILACS (2021)

About the dashboard

This data visualization represents the “Profile of journals indexed in LILACS”, a longitudinal study started in October 2021, with annual data collection.

From the set of 908 journals indexed in LILACS (Oct/2021), 337 responses were obtained.


The data is organized into the following scope areas:

  • Characterization: dataset that characterizes the journals according to their thematic area, bibliographic standard, types of articles, organizational nature and constitution of teams;
  • Digital support: data set that characterizes the digital support, periodicity, electronic management system, year of publication start, start in digital support and LILACS entry;
  • Language and dissemination: set of data that characterizes the dissemination channels, social networks, languages ​​accepted and languages ​​translated by the magazine;
  • Open Science: dataset that characterizes the policies and practices adopted, type of peer review, license adopted, processing fees are charged and at what stage of the editorial process;
  • Ecosystem: set of data on the databases and indexing portals in which journals are indexed.


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How to cite: BIREME/PAHO/WHO. Profile of journals indexed in LILACS: data visualization [Internet]. São Paulo: BIREME/PAHO/WHO; [2021] - [quote YYYY mmm. dd]. Available at: <>.



  • Conceptualization: Sueli Mitiko Yano Suga, Angélica de Souza Alves de Paula, Juliana Gonçalves dos Reis (Equal contribution).
  • Methodology: Juliana Gonçalves dos Reis, Angélica de Souza Alves de Paula, Sueli Mitiko Yano Suga.
  • Data Curators: Sueli Mitiko Yano Suga, Angélica de Souza Alves de Paula, Juliana Gonçalves dos Reis, Fernando Medeiros Filho (Corresponding Contribution)
  • Visualization: Fernando Medeiros Filho, Sueli Mitiko Yano Suga, Angélica de Souza Alves de Paula, Juliana Gonçalves dos Reis
  • Software/Dashboard: Fernando Medeiros Filho
  • Funding acquisition: Sueli Mitiko Yano Suga
  • Supervision: Sueli Mitiko Yano Suga


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