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[LILACS Network News] Closing of the LILACS Submission System on sept. 30rd, 2020

15 de September de 2020

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Dear LILACS Network colleagues,

We inform that on September 30, 2020 the LILACS Submission system will close due to inactivity in the contribution to LILACS in this system since March 2020.

Descontinuidade do sistema LILACS Submission

Figura 1 - Sistema LILACS Submission

We request everyone to send the contribution only and exclusively via the FI-Admin system, which has been an online system active since 2016 for contribution to LILACS:
If you need support to create users in this system, your network coordinator and BIREME are available for this action.
If you already have a user and already contribute to LILACS in the FI-Admin system, please disregard this message.
We are grateful for the continuous contribution to LILACS and we continue together in the mission of giving visibility and access to the best literature produced in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.
Take good care of yourself!
Sueli Mitiko Yano Suga
FIR - Referential Information Sources
LILACS | Latin American and Caribbean Literature in Health Sciences

BIREME | Evidence and Intelligence Department for Health Action

Nota: Mensage enviado para os usuarios del sistema LILACS Submission y a los grupos Red BVS y Coordinación LILACS en agosto de 2020.