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Journals indexed in LILACS database in 2021

The journal articles indexed in LILACS correspond to more than 800 thousand publications registered in the database, which corresponds to 84% of all the contribution received from the Network of Cooperating Centers of LILACS. There are 910 journals currently indexed from 21 countries and the inclusion in the collection is carried out under the leadership of the LILACS Coordinating Center, which carries out the process of evaluation and selection of journals at the national or regional level, with the support of the Comittee for the Evaluation and Selection of LILACS Journals of the country or subject area. Below is the... Veja mais →

Selection and permanence criteria for LILACS Brazil journals are updated

Previously posted BIREME Bulletin n° 56, in 29 May, 2021 The selection and permanence criteria for LILACS journals in the Brazil collection were updated in order to align them with the LILACS criteria in force throughout Latin America and the Caribbean and with the editorial and scientific communication processes provided for in Open Science. The document was also restructured to make it easier to understand its application in the evaluation and selection process of journals, carried out annually. The new criteria take effect as of July 2021 and will be considered as the current criteria for the journal evaluation process... Veja mais →

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[LILACS Network News] Closing of the LILACS Submission System on sept. 30rd, 2020

Dear LILACS Network colleagues, We inform that on September 30, 2020 the LILACS Submission system will close due to inactivity in the contribution to LILACS in this system since March 2020. We request everyone to send the contribution only and exclusively via the FI-Admin system, which has been an online system active since 2016 for contribution to LILACS: If you need support to create users in this system, your network coordinator and BIREME are available for this action. If you already have a user and already contribute to LILACS in the FI-Admin system, please disregard this message. We are grateful for the continuous contribution to... Veja mais →

LILACS database operates its new portal

LILACS celebrates its 34th anniversary and to celebrate, it launches a new portal where scientific information focused on the Goal 3 of the Sustainable Development Geoal (Heath and Well-being) of the 2030 Agenda is organized by types of studies. LILACS gathers over 880,000 records from peer reviewed journal articles, thesis and dissertations, governmental documents, conference proceedings, and books. A new information architecture and graphic design were developed to highlight LILACS principles, such as: networking and local capacity building, public health priorities, latest publications, news and innovations by BIREME based on the LILACS methodology; in addition, accessibility tools have been implemented for people... Veja mais →

LILACS methodology: BIREME organizes training workshops

Previously posted on BIREME Bulletin n° 9 in 26 June, 2017 With the goal of extending and strengthening the bibliographic control of Latin American and the Caribbean literature, developing local capacities and improving networking on the VHL, BIREME is organizing virtual meetings to the LILACS database Cooperation Network on two different topics – coordination and indexing. The main purpose of the coordination meetings is to review the management processes of the LILACS collaboration network and the collaboration flows. There are 11 meetings scheduled and they will deal with specific technical and management processes, such as bibliographic control status at LILACS,... Veja mais →

Indexing criteria for journal’ supplements

Based on Fact Sheet on Conflict of Interest Disclosure and Journal Supplements in MEDLINE published by NLM on May 2007 with the objective of improvement of the scientific quality and elucidation of possible conflicts of interest on supplements published by MEDLINE journals. New procedures has been adopted by the National Library of Medicine (NLM) on indexing supplements in the MEDLINE database since May 2007 . This decision was published in Fact Sheet on Conflict of Interest Disclosure and Journal Supplements in MEDLINE, on NLM site, but it was not widely released for the indexing centers. The objective of this new measure is to... Veja mais →